Tea Party Focuses on Etiquette

By: Pat Williamson

A formal tea was held at the Cordes Lakes Library on Tuesday, June 26. Six lucky young ladies were in attendance.

The tea party started with etiquette, stating that the hostess sets the pace and the guests follow suit. The first thing done was making a teapot bracelet that each young lady then wore.

Next was sharing and waiting to be served, then how to pass items on the table.

There were traditional scones with lemon curd, clotted cream, and strawberry preserves. Coffee cake and muffins were added to round out a full menu. The ladies learned how to make tea and brewed their own in their tea cup. The food was good and the conversation covered English tea and high tea.

On each plate was a teapot lollipop, so the ladies were able to show their bracelets and lollipops for their formal picture. Please note that hats are required at formal tea parties and the ladies were right in style.


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