Our Mission

At Hiclass Blends, our vision is to create a better life for “Our Youth.” Your support of our blends extends our reach by allowing us to donate a portion from each sale to organizations that provide services to youth across the country. Beyond great taste, our blends offer several health benefits from maintaining blood glucose levels, to reducing stress, and reducing digestive issues.

Hiclass Blends was launched by HIV/AIDS Advocates David L. Lester-Massey and Johnny T. Lester-Massey . Our goal is to inspire youth across the nation. The idea of Hiclass Blends came as a way to fuel our goal of educating more youth on HIV/AIDS and reducing the stigma still attached to the virus. Our mission is to create a better world for “Our Youth.” We know education is key to the success of combating HIV/AIDS and stigma among youth worldwide. We attend numerous forums and community meetings across the country and we were tired of just hearing about what needs to happen. We wanted to launch a movement that would allow our voices to be heard. Our blends reflect the different people around the globe and just like our blends, when we all come together we can create an amazing aroma!